The Door


You’ve all heard the saying, ‘when one door closes, another door opens’, but how do you recognise the door?

And how do you know it’s the right door for you?

The Universe has a perverse way of assisting us to walk out of the room we’ve been comfortable in and closing the door behind us.

You may find yourself unhappy with a current situation, but not brave enough to walk away. You may become aware of pain that you refuse to fully acknowledge with an appropriate action, you may find your circle of friends are not so friendly now, you may dream and talk of one day becoming…., one day doing…., one day going to….., and seemingly out of the blue, you are stopped in your tracks.

A situation arises that forces you to walk away, the pain stops you from performing and requires you to rest, no laughs are had with pals you once laughed with…. That, my friend, is the door closing.

Recognising your new door is easier than closing the last one, because now, there is only forward. You have been guided away from that which no longer served you, trust that you will be guided to your correct door.

If you are not successful after the job interview, it wasn’t ever yours, if the surgery prevents you returning to your favoured sport, find one that suits you better, friendships will develop with like-minded people, circumstances will present that are too positive to ignore.

Place your hand on the door, turn the handle, if it opens, it is yours ❤

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