The Journey


Where are you headed to? Do you really know?

Most of us have a plan, a goal or dream we are working toward.

We know where we want to be, but even if we think we’re certain of how to get there, it very rarely turns out that way.

The path we generally find ourselves on is rarely a direct route.

But that’s okay, because the travelling to reach the goal is the sum of experiences and meetings with others, words and actions and dreams and doings. They are the parts that teach us, provide clarity, bring enlightenment, tears, joy and appreciation.

And ultimately, when we reach our goal, we’ll look back and see that the sum of experience was worth every step on the twisted and turning, shady, undulating, sunshiny, rocky and smooth road we travelled.

Because we are here 😊

And now? Where to next??

The path leads to somewhere, which leads to somewhere else.

Enjoy the journey ❤

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