Truth in the Dawn Light


Sometimes I awake in the pre-dawn light, with a message, a word, or a song on my mind.

Isn’t that a beautiful vision?

I always ask myself “What does this mean? What is it’s relevance to my life at this moment?”

This morning though, I woke with money on my mind, worrying about not enough to be truthful. That was scary, it is a fear I rarely verbalise but one that pops into my head at different times, seemingly out of the blue.

I know it’s relevance. I’ve recently resigned from a permanent well paying job to follow my dream job, where my income relies on having regular paying clients.

So what is my message?? Go get a real job? No….. that doesn’t sit well with me.

Synchronicity has led me to the answer.

1. Tosha popped up on my newsfeed today

2. The dream reminded me, in early January, I created a mindset of abundance around money, and then promptly forgot about it, until today!

I am a huge fan of Tosha Silver and her theory of Outrageous Openness, which is letting the Divine take the lead. Knowing that there is already a plan in place for you, surrendering ego by releasing your ideal or demand thereby honouring the true you, and  thus allowing the plan to come to you when it should.

My views on money were around it not coming easily. How on earth could that be positive?

So this is my prayer, my affirmation, my mantra…

“Divine beloved, allow me to trust that the plan you have for me is coming to fruition, and that I will have more than enough by doing what I love.”

What will your mantra be today?

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