Inner Peace in the Prescence of Bad Behaviour


How often do you find yourself not just picking up on the negativity of others, but allowing it to lower your own mood?

Are you conscious of this occurring, or is it an awareness gained on reflection?

“Don’t let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.”

How can you do this? Maintain your peace, your calm, and send them blessings of love. Remove yourself if you need to. This allows the person their actions or mood without it affecting you.

If there is a particular person who affects you, someone you may not be able to avoid, envision your aura as full, stong and intact. A bubble of calm strength that surrounds you completely. When you witness the behaviour that does not sit well with you, know that your inner strength and peace is your protection, and send them blessings.

Your inner peace will become a beautiful mirror ❤

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