Every Morning is a Fresh Start


So how do you clean up the broken pieces today? Those broken words that  seem to cycle round and around in that beautiful mind of yours. How do you make sure that tomorrow is the fresh start?

EXPRESS yourself. Talk, dance, laugh, cry, scream if you must, draw, meditate, run, dig in the garden, walk….

The list is endless. No one has to hear you, YOU have to hear you. Release the emotions that are trapped within.

EXPLAIN yourself. Put your emotion into words. Speak it directly, look in the mirror as you talk if it helps, write it down then read it out loud. Get it out of you and into the ether.

APOLOGISE if you feel you need to. Apologise to you for the negative thoughts, the harsh words, the criticisms … Forgive…. and bless yourself with love.

Because tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your fabulous and precious life ❤

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