Fragile and Ready to Crack?


With the summer holiday period coming to a finish in Australia, preparations are underway for the commencement of the school year, and very likely, your return to routine and the juggle of work and home.

‘Fragile and ready to crack…. ‘

Is this how you are feeling at the thought of returning to work or school? Or is this how you were feeling in the lead up to Christmas?

In my kinesiology practice this week, management of this seems to be the theme.

What can you do to protect yourself from this type of vulnerability? What can you do to prevent your children from feeling this way?

Well, altering your mindset to embrace a positive outlook is a good start. It also helps to set up a little ritual or talisman to empower yourself or your young ones. Below are a few suggestions.

* Imagine a bubble of strength and protection surrounding you, and anything not so positive coming your way, bouncing off and returning to sender

* Wear an item that represents strength for you, a treasured piece of jewellery, a crystal in your pocket, a positive word written and placed in your wallet, bag or pocket

* Smile and wave. A client suggested this, and why not? A little positivity can influence how you feel

* Remove your work or school uniform as soon as you arrive back home, and imagine everything attached with work shedding away too

* Spend some time in nature, 5 minutes in your garden is rejuvenating when you can’t go for a longer walk

* Put your favourite music on, loud if you need, and sing along or groove around the house

I’m certain you can think of many other ways to shake off any pressures that have come your way.

Enjoy your post holiday days ❤

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