Repair, don’t Repeat!


Repeat, repeat, repeat….

Have you ever found yourself in this cycle?

Where you seem to attract the same ‘type’ of partner, the similar style of boss, the same ‘rudeness’ from different people, the repeating illness?

We experience these repeating circumstances when we have not yet acknowledged their existence AND understood the reason why, the lesson, and the change that we need to make. Once we make that connection and become aware, these seemingly unfair experiences resolve.

The issue may be a reflection of you, it may be a change of attitude, a setting of boundaries, an awareness…

My repeating circumstance occurred with a demanding manager, whose management style was what I’d label as ‘micro managing’, though it appeared to me and my colleagues, that micro managing applied to me only. It was extremely difficult, but my mindset was ‘what can I learn from this?’ Several years later, my next manager was lovely, however, her demands were not family friendly, and when I required time from work for a family crisis, the guilt was layed on thick.

That was the pivotal moment for me. Why would I tolerate an unsupportive environment? I’d tolerated it before, and now I would not.

I was stronger, I knew what was acceptable for me. My previous experience allowed me to set my personal boundaries. I decided to take action to prevent this management style from ever affecting me again.

Do you have a repeat button? What is it for you? What is the lesson there? How can you resolve the situation?

Stop the repeat, repeat, repeat and choose to repair, repair, repair ❤

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