True Colour of True Friends


Life is not all sunshine and roses, at times we find ourselves in the midst of pelting rain and wind gusts!

And that’s fine. Difficulties allow us to rise to the challenge, discover new ways of doing & ultimately recognise the reality of our hidden strengths. They also however,  reveal the truth of our friendships.

A girlfriend and I were discussing this recently. Her family unit has recently faced some challenges. Generally  the Holiday period for them is one of multiple guests, culinary creativity, late nights and social outings. But the challenge they faced prevented the usual holiday activity. This however, was not the expectation of quite a few of those they knew of as ‘friends’. Some voicing the expectation of still seeing in the New Year fully catered by my friend!

This initially surprised her, but on reflection, the situation provided absolute clarity.

Those ‘true’ friends, offered support in the form of phone calls, physical assistance, a meal, a laugh…

Accept the gift of challenge.

Welcome the revelations.

And Embrace the people who love and support you ❤

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