Thank You


When was the last moment you gave thanks?

Not just to those who assist you; the retail person, your hairdresser, the lovely lady who offerered you a place in the queue in front of her, or the gentleman holding the door for you..

When did you last say “thank you” for the gifts you receive on a daily basis, those seemingly mundane things, that on reflection, make life worth living, and make living a joyful experience.

The food to share with friends and family, the warm shower, the 5 minutes to sit with a cuppa, the text from a friend, a spontaneous laugh out loud moment, a belief that all will evolve as it should, faith in the future…

Give thanks for the mundane, the minutiae of your life, as well as the gifts of love, friendship, understanding and belief.

My prayer today?

“Thank You” ❤

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