Growing You


Fear not, the dramas within your life.

Cruising along at a steady pace gets a little boring after a while.

Nothing changes: routine stays the same, you stay the same.

Do you honestly want that? ‘This is me now, this is me in a year, 5 years, 7 years….’

If we planted a tree that never lost it’s leaves, sprouted new growth, grew in height, how disappointed would we be?

See yourself as a tree, in the winter of our days, sunlight is less, we’ve lost our leaves, we appear dormant, but we are internalising and preparing for spring. And then one day, we start to see that what appeared difficult, what challenged us, changed us.

We see how we have grown in strength, fortitude and joy.

Embrace the challenge. Live the challenge. Work through it and celebrate the resulting new you ❤

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