Life Purpose


Have you ever had moments of questioning self, when you’ve asked ‘who am I’, ‘why am I here?’, ‘what is my purpose?’

There is a reason we have come to this earth at this time, some know exactly what that is. They dream, they pursue, they live it. But honestly, very few of us are so confident.

We muddle through, following a winding road to who knows where, but even that has a purpose, a dream, a goal that we have our eye on, and on the way to that dream or goal we are living our purpose by being present, in the moment.

Take heart, very few of us are here to be an Oprah!

We are capable of so much, we actually do so much, and still we question and doubt ourselves. Why??

We nuture and support, guide and educate, we lead and inspire, comfort and love. The list is endless. Stop for a minute and acknowledge all the amazing gifts you give to yourself and others..

What you say, do and dream matters so very much, not only to those around you, but also  to you personally.

You alone are the one who can make an impact, and it comes back to recognition and acceptance of self.

So go forth, acknowledge that your story IS you. Live your life with purpose and prescence, follow your dreams, speak your truth, and make an impact ❤

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