Inner Strength


Some days you just feel it… the negative emotions seem to override the positive feelings you know you are capable of. You can almost feel yourself submerged in sadness, anxiety or stress.

You can remedy this! Yes, you!

Find yourself a peaceful somewhere, a favourite chair, a grassy patch, a quiet corner…

Stop… and listen…  to the birds.. the traffic.., the wind chimes outside your window.. the wind blowing.. your heartbeat..

Breathe deeply into your lungs and feel your body relax as you breathe out. Repeat this deep breathing three times and then breathe normally, focus and be aware only of your breath.. in and out.. As other sounds and thoughts drift into your mind, focus back on your breath. Continue as long as you like.

Become aware of your body and it’s contact with surface, chair, grass, wall..

Bring yourself back into this moment. Return to ‘you’, recognise your inner beauty and strength, and send yourself love and blessings ❤

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