The Honesty of Your Flaws


Perfection – does it exist?

We live in a world where the person we tend to present to others is not the full quota of our true self, but a variation.

Think about this…  Is there a person you admire? Someone who has impressed you in some way?

Is it the perfection alone you perceive, that has made such an impact?

Often it is the recognition of their ‘human-ness’, the similarity to ourselves, that endears them to us.

It may be a slip of the tongue, or a trip over ones feet that gives us the giggles. It may be an honest conversation about an emotional struggle or experience, a shared viewpoint or an admission of a mistake.

The reality is, that these are the people who truly inspire us, because they allow us to see that we are not all perfect.

Our flaws humanise us, and they become our diamonds. They allow us to see that we are as capable of achieving the things that those we admire have achieved.

Enjoy the honesty of being you, and in turn, inspiring others ❤

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