De-Stress the Past


Do you find yourself worrying about the past? Questioning or blaming yourself about what you have said, done or how you behaved?

Recognising the beauty and positives in your life can be extremely difficult when you are constantly looking back; not just reminiscing, but dwelling or brooding about occasions or situations that don’t sit comfortably with you.

This serves you no purpose but to torment. Why would you want those swirling thoughts? Be constructive and learn from the past. Use the following to assist you in releasing the resulting stress.

I find that getting things down on paper can provide clarity.

Write, draw, scrawl and scribble it all down. Now sit back and look at your work.

List how you would change what irks you about this situation.

Find yourself somewhere comfy, place one hand on the back of your head and the flat of your other hand on your forehead. Imagine the scenario, the smells, sounds, the room you were in, your clothes, the people, immerse yourself in it and really feel the effects.

Now imagine the scenario with a great outcome. Use your list to envision the changes and again, let yourself sink into the now positive situation. Do this until you’re happy with it. It may take a minute or two.

Bring yourself back into present time, open your eyes and remove your hands from forehead and head.

Take a deep breath in and relax your body as you breath out.

Use this activity when you find yourself looking back with stress.

Clear your mind to see the beauty in front of you ❤

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