The Internal Argument


Well, there are the words…    A reality slap in the face of our own negativity and ‘poor me’ attitude.

Some days we do get caught up in the sadness and sorrows of our own situations, and yes, even though I am a believer in feeling the pain, acknowledging it and working through it.

But now and again I get stuck in that victimous quicksand and can’t even think straight to grasp the overhanging branch to drag myself to safety.

It is in the moment of suffocation that the flash of clarity instigates the change in my thinking, and it’s usually whilst doing one of those mundane tasks, like sweeping the floor or ironing..

Change your thinking.

Why are you wallowing? Marking time? Treading water?

Get your butt off the floor and move.. One step at a time is all you need, as long as it’s forward!

Grab that branch to safety and inch forward.

We all have a Doctorate in Hindsight. Take a glimpse back on your life. You’ve survived dramas you thought you’d never move from. Aaah yes, they WERE only temporary!

Look at you now.. Look where you’ve got to… Look how you’ve grown!

Acknowledge your strength and resilience, and see what an amazing person you are ❤

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