Have you recently stopped and thought about the work you do, the job that you are paid for? Do you enjoy it? Do you jump out of bed with enthusiasm, looking forward to what the working day will bring? Do you feel happy and fulfilled by the end of the working day?

If you answered yes to all, congratulations on following your passion!

For those who honestly answered and realised the satisfaction and contentment no longer exist, perhaps now is the time for reflection, ideas, and action.

If some elements of your work are not so satisfying, consider how you can change this for the better. Does it involve re-organising a task, having an honest discussion with a colleague, or is it your attitude that requires re-organisation?

I find it beneficial to write what I’m thinking, otherwise it just swirls constantly through my mind like a never ending conga line!

List the great and the less than great. Write your emotion next to each point, place a star or smiley face next to each positive, and then think about how you can change the listed negative emotions into a positive and write that idea beside it.

Keep it real and achievable. Put it into action.

Good luck with working your passion, and let me know how you go ❤


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